Industrial computers’ repair

NTI provides the best professionals and required standards for industrial computers’ repair in any level or scale. We are professional with providing response for industrial computers’ malfunctions and advanced support services that guarantee our clients accelerating optimal industrial computers’ performances.  


We are proud to offer:

  • Professional electronics lab that repairs component-level computers’ cards.
  • Industrial computers’ assembling – according to provided
  • Computers’ cards repair for many and varied fields in the industry.
  • Industrial computers’ cards repair.


Industrial computers' repair

We provide solutions for any type of malfunction or repair for industrial computers, as well as communication solutions and adjusted solutions for all the industrial applications.


Extensive experience with many repairs such as:

  • Component-level motherboard repair
  • Industrial touch screens’ repair
  • Auto-repair-shop computers’ repair
  • Medical computers’ repair
  • Industrial computers cards’ repair
  • Electronic command systems’ repair
  • Copy firmware and microcontrollers
  • Upgrade industrial computers and new designs, full compatibility synchronization
  • Efficient solutions for old machines without manufacturer’s support


All repairs are being performed while providing fast and advanced industrial computers’ solutions for malfunctions in: screens, computers, power supply units, accessories, software and hardware.

We adjust our abilities to the different applications in accordance with industry’s needs, and perform any repair including computers that work in extreme temperatures and working environment.

CNC computers' repair

Our company has quality and professional team that can handle any CNC computers’ malfunction may occur in your factory. We perform fast troubleshooting and extensive operating test that will enable your CNC computers to operate optimally.  


Among the many services in which we specialize, the services we provide to factories and many other businesses, you may find repairs and services such as:

  • CNC computers’ maintenance
  • Available spare parts in company’s inventory
  • Synchronizing machine computer
  • Cards’ and components’ repair
  • Steady operating of powerful computers’ components
  • Flawless operating of the computer and the accessories
  • Repair all CNC computers’ malfunctions


We have experience with CNC computers’ repair, maintenance and handling unpredictable and complicated malfunctions, for which we provide fast and efficient solutions with minimum disturbing the on-going workflow of the factories and businesses for which we provide these services.


Carpentry machines computers' repair

We have the ability to provide all the required services, repair and maintenance for carpentry machines’ computers.

Along the years, we gained great knowledge and have experienced great variety of failures and malfunctions of carpentry machines’ computers. We have the ability to provide fast and professional service for any malfunction as well as consulting for any need.

Our successes are measured by:

  • Great professional knowledge
  • Suitable tools and equipment
  • Spare parts and inventory in company’s storage
  • Adherence to tight schedule
  • High-quality repairs
  • Detecting malfunctions or omissions
  • Working in any environment
  • Repair of all computers and related-computers that exist in carpentries.


Printing machines electronics' and computers' repair

NTI finish any printing machines’ repair when it is working ideally for all existing printing and graphic applications.

We professionally perform printing machines electronics’ and computers’ repair which include, among others:

  • Printing machines command computers’ repair
  • Printing machines power supply units’ repair
  • Printing machines controllers’ and cards’ repair


In any case of malfunction, or a need for consulting, NTI is available with the required solutions, equipment and knowledge in order to perform every repair or maintenance.

NTI has various solutions and advanced services for repairing any kind of industrial computers in any industrial field and existing scale.

The right industrial computers’ repair, one that will save you a lot of time and many expensive efforts, we are experienced with performing industrial computers’ repair in a way that your business and industry will continue producing, only in a smarter, more efficient and more professional way.


Contact NTI for any repair or malfunction in your industrial computers!

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