Industrial Electronics Repair

NTI provides all the required services for repairing industrial electronics of any complexity or scale. Our company is prepared and equipped with many tools and techniques that serves medical, commercial and defense manufacturing industries for many years in any need for repair and consulting, including maintaining the required industrial electronics.


Electronics lab services for the industry

NTI provides a one-stop-shop solution for all required repairs and treatments for all types of cards and controllers of existing manufacturing machinery and industrial electronics.


In every repair we provide:

  • Country-wide fast service.
  • Professionalism and high preforming abilities.
  • High-quality results that guarantee optimal performances.
  • Team of engineers and technicians that works in accordance with the relevant standards.


We offer extensive experience in any repair. Our team will scan and locate the failure or defect in any mechanization and industrial electronics’ malfunction that may occur and will provide you with the smartest, best solution for you.

We operate country-wide logistic service and by doing so, provide high-quality and fast response to all existing industries and clients in Israel.


Electronic cards' repair

Electronic cards’ repair is one of the most in-demand repairs, in which our company has gained experience, knowledge, tools and has one of the best performing abilities in the industry.

We operate a repair services’ array for industrial factories and large advanced manufacturing companies in various electronics industries.

Thanks to proven results and successes, NTI is a leader in repairing industrial electronics, comparing to all other companies operated in Israel.


When repairing electronic cards, we are strict with:

  • complying with standards and manufacturer’s instructions.
  • management of any logistical complexity.
  • repair abilities for complex and complicated cases.
  • working under provided time tables.


Industrial electronics

NTI understands the need for fast and professional service, therefore, we are prepared for any request for repairing all kinds of electronic cards and many malfunctions in the industrial electronics, including: 

  • Repair industrial screens
  • Repair industrial power supply units
  • Repair machines’ control cards
  • Repair industrial computers
  • Upgrade existing systems
  • On-going maintenance and handle
  • consulting and guidance services


NTI presents great industrial repair’s abilities thanks to several advantages in any repair or handling malfunctions related to your industrial electronics, whether it is malfunctions caused by erosion or breakage, or the need for upgrade or on-going maintenance, our company can provide all required needs for repair or these actions by: 

  • Purchasing and importing for required repair parts.
  • A professional and skilled team that undergoes specializations and qualifications
  • Great knowledge regarding old and new versions


Our lab will be delighted to provide professional service for machines’ technicians, import industrial equipment companies, factories or industrial businesses and ensure their peace of mind when it comes to repairing machines and industrial electronics equipment while ensuring high-quality, goals and fair prices.

Heavy machinery and complicated machines require on-going handling and maintenance. NTI has experience and knowledge in connection with maintenance and handling malfunctions in the in the best manner and guarantee industrial stability for factories and companies.

NTI prepared, at all times, to provide fast and comprehensive service for any malfunction or system failure in industrial electronic systems.

Contact NTI in case of any malfunction.

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