NTI electronic lab repairs any electronic power supply units that transmits voltage and current when closing a circuit, that uses for operating electric and electronic products, in any scale in proper and stable manner. The power supply units transmit currents dosed and controlled by the supply units’ settings, frequency can be set, voltage levels and components’ repair (repairing or replacing power supply units).

In NTI’s lab there is a service department that offers repair services for all industrial power supply units.

A department of qualifies electronics engineers with great knowledge and experience with equipment, control and automation.

Spare parts and components storage that enable quick response for repairing industrial equipment.


All you ever wanted to know about industrial power supply units' repair

A power supply unit is an electronic unit that supplies voltage and current for the operation of electrical machines and products.

A well-operating power supply unit manage the voltage and current while maintaining immediate and regulated supply of electricity in accordance with: manufacturer’s instructions, the abilities of the industrial product or machine for which it transmits to electricity.


Two operating types while using a power supply unit:

  • Linear power supply unit: keeps a steady flow of current even in situations when there are deviations in voltage or electric current.
  • Branded power supply unit – DC transformer: temporarily stores the electricity and release it in a steady and controlled manner. This operating type is considered as safer and more economical and very common in the industrial use.


There are many and vary types of power supply units, in their shape, ability, size and purpose. Power supply units are common in our lives in most electrical products we use, a fortiori when using industrial machines: small and delicate or large and powerful. 

Failure, malfunction or deviation in the power supply unit may cause irreversible damages in the electrical product it operates or to absolutely disable it. This situation requires fast and professional repair, at least as NTI offers its many clients.


Different types and roles of the power supply units

Common power supply units:

  • Programed power supply unit
  • Power supply unit for a lab or medical institute
  • Industrial power supply unit: commercial, military, security
  • Power supply unit for a single product or line of products


The differences between power supply units:

  • Direct current/alternating current (DC/AC)
  • Voltage scope
  • Durability and stability of current or voltage
  • Operating interfaces
  • Working environment – temperature and humidity
  • Electric needs and loads
  • Size and power that are required to operate an electrical product at any scale


Repairing programable power supply units

There is a vast use of industrial power supply units which effected by massive production/manufacturing volume.

The entire industry uses electrical products, applications and devices in different shapes and sizes, heavy machinery and unique and dynamic needs of the power supply units they consume, in order to operate electrical equipment, devices or products, therefore, there are several industrial programable power supply units.


A programable power supply unit: with power supply unit’s control abilities that enable automation processes and any industrial electrical need.

Our lab offers repair services to all kinds of power supply units as well as any component’s repair. When the power supply unit cannot be repaired, we may offer procurement and import services for any required power supply unit.

Complicated and complex industrial power supply units for measuring equipment, security equipment and precise medical equipment are available.


Additionally, when the power supply unit cannot be repaired and cannot be replaced, we may offer planning and installing services for new power supply unit in order operate the industrial; machine or equipment. 

Does your power supply unit work properly?

Contact us and we will find a solution in 99.9% of cases. Good luck.

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