Repair medical electronics

NTI specializes in repairing medical electronics that use for medical equipment, medical computerization, electro-mechanic equipment and electronics repairing in an advanced lab for any kind of repair. Our service and support departments for medical electronics repairs, are available for providing any needed response for business clients, medical equipment supply companies, clinics and hospitals with fast, kind and professional service.


Repair medical electronics

When there is a need to repair expensive, complicated and classified medical equipment, there is also a need to approach a professional lab with experience in these kind of repair services and which is also classified for that.

NTI is experienced with and specializes in repairing medical electronics, repairing any kind of common electronics malfunctions and handling customized equipment.

NTI provides sterile lab working environment and suitable equipment that is operated professionally and skillfully to repair any electronics malfunction to any component, software and hardware.

Any job/project is being performed while complying with standards and manufacturer’s instructions.


medical equipment repairing lab

In order to provide broad response for repairing the entire industries’ medical equipment, our company puts many efforts to become more and more professional in any medical field and perform logistic adjustments based on experience and in order to provide high-quality services in the best efficient manner possible.


A lab with standards and designated working stations for repairing any medical electronics:

  • Outmoded or advanced
  • For private clinics market and large institutes
  • Repairing medical systems’ applications
  • Repairing complicated and technology-rich systems
  • Repairing and supporting implementation, maintenance and operating of any medical electronics.


medical equipment technicians

the company’s technicians are qualified, skilled and experienced with medical equipment and electronics repair.

Supporting NTI’s medical equipment technicians, we also have sterile and advanced working stations and lab working environment.

This is how NTI guarantees the finest repairing qualities and complies with the strictest requirements.


Facing any challenge, our medical equipment technicians provide fast repairs and solutions

NTI lab – for all medical electronic repairs.

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