NTI dedicated a department for fast and professional response regarding rugged computers and tablets. Our company specializes in providing services for all needs as well as solutions for rugged computers, in any required environment’s conditions, including extreme and challenging situations. All services comply with the relevant standards, such as security standards, commercial standards and medical standards.

Rugged computers and screens for extreme working environment

Our lab specializes in handling rugged and advanced equipment’s repair and has the abilities to do so.

All NTI’s departments provide fast and comprehensive service.


Rugged computers and tablets’ support, repair or replament

Equipment that works in extreme working environment at the sea, in the air and on land, including the following services:

  • Motherboard repair – all components
  • Renewing or placing conformal coating that protects circuits
  • Replacement of outer broken parts
  • Batteries, screens and chargers’ replacement
  • Supplying costume made rugged and protected computers, that are suitable for using in extreme working environment

Panasonic, Getac, Zebra, DELL companies

Thanks to experience and many business relations in our country and overseas, our company had developed connections and created a range of services in order to provide satisfying response for civilian, governmental and commercial industries.    

We have knowledge, experience and tools to handle all rugged computers and tablets’ repairs for every part and component that need to be repaired, replaced or import order, including branded rugged computers and tablets such as:

  • Panasonic
  • Getac
  • Zebra
  • DELL


A team of technicians, service departments and advanced working stations are at your service in order to provide a fast response under massive pressures that are neede in the different industries in any required scale. 

Our departments’ teams will successfully face any challenge and will achieve any bar set upon them in the rugged computers and tablets’ field.  

Conversion and refinement of rugged computers adjusted to client's needs

Due to our extensive experience and many designs we were exposed to and involved in, we have technical abilities to refine rugged computers in accordance with client’s needs and for any purpose.


We can handle with any modernization requirement – replacing any part or component for:

  • Removing or adding components in rugged or semi-rugged computers.
  • Converting civilian connectors to military ones.
  • Modernization of docking stations and adjustment of same in accordance with client’s needs.
  • Performing personal adjustments to rugged computers.
  • Upgrading computers’ specification of: hard discs, memory, batteries.
  • Adjusting rugged computers for any use and environment.
  • Refine that includes adjusting by demand rugged computers’ strength and control.


Rugged computers and tablets' repair lab

NTI’s repair lab is one of the most advanced in the field. The company has several departments for providing response for all the required services, including repair, replacement or costume made supply – including handling the entire process for any computers’ equipment including rugged computers and tablets that are designed for different and varied activities.


We invite you to contact us at any time to receive information and consulting regarding how to plan your next steps in connection with:

  • Purchase of rugged computer or tablet
  • Upgrade or replacement of rugged computer or tablet
  • Repairing all rugged computers’ products
  • Experience with rugged / semi-rugged / heavy duty computers.
  • Expanding warranty and providing on-going maintenance service for rugged equipment
  • Advising and consulting for any kind of project, in any scale and with any classification.


NTI provides high-quality results in connection with rugged computers integration, integration of powerful computers, screens, software and hardware in accordance with any need, challenge or requirement.

NTI has spare parts inventory, endless equipment, tools, standards and knowledge, and we determined to efficiently face any rugged computer's challenge

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