Printed circuits repair

NTI provides both support and maintenance services for all failures and malfunctions in simple and complex electronic circuits. Clean and organized repairs in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, regulations and relevant standards.

Quality service that enables civilian, commercial, military and medical industries receiving fast response in all printed circuits repair for any product, computerization system, or electronic equipment.


Electrical circuits repair

Electrical circuits repair, detecting failures and deviations, by analyzing and recognizing of malfunctions or current and voltage failures in circuits.

Advanced equipment and technology for detecting of any malfunction or element that disrupts electrical circuits.


Electrical circuits repair service:

  • Failures’ detection, repair of same and preventing its future occurrence.
  • Electrical circuits renew.
  • Electrical circuits’ proper operation.


Industrial systems' electrical circuits repair

Repair lab that is focused on providing all available services for industrial systems’ electrical circuits, with both experience and professionalism.

Specializes in providing repair services that require standards, licensing and security classifications, both countrywide and worldwide. 

Detecting electrical circuits and industrial systems’ malfunctions, repairing of same and having them back to proper operating in an optimal, economical and profitable manner.

electrical circuits and industrial systems malfunctions’ solutions, using advanced equipment for complicated and complex repairs in any scale and in any working environment.


Restoration of corrosion-damaged circuits

Fast and professional response for all corrosion malfunctions in the air, at the sea and on land, while working under tight and urgent schedule and meeting of same, for the repair and restore of circuits that were damaged by humidity, liquids and corrosion.

Technical abilities and restoration of circuits in the highest and most fast levels in this field, from simple damages to complicated components and sub-systems’ damages.

Quality in each and every parameter and all malfunctions and required repairs solutions for corrosion damaged circuits either local or spatial to restoration of all circuits and having them operating optimally.


Adherence to manufacturer’s instructions, relevant standardization, fast service, support and maintenance services for all electrical and printed circuits issues and repairs!

All printed electrical circuits solutions and repairs, only with NTI!

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