Electronic controllers repair

Electronic controllers repair and providing solutions for all types of failures and malfunctions in functional electronical systems. We solve common controllers’ maintenance malfunctions, as well as electro-dynamic and unique controllers. Providing a variety of repair services and solutions for all kinds of controllers and micro-controllers, electronic controllers as well as management and command systems in any kind of complexity.


Industry's electronic controllers' repair

Electronic controllers’ repair for industries and production lines, including advanced repair services for automation and programming processes, that require controllers for industrial electronic activity.


Services regarding industries’ electronic controllers’ repair:

  • Industrial controllers and micro-controllers’ repair
  • Input / output indices’ repair
  • Edge sensors controllers, and sensors’ repair
  • Controllers’ repair, replace or upgrade
  • I/O management and control controllers’ repair
  • Calibration solutions
  • Electric and current controllers’ adjustment
  • Automation controllers’ repair
  • Industrial computing systems’ and controllers components’ repair
  • Repair of movement controllers’ that use any technology or equipment.


Engines' electronic controllers' repair

Maintenance and repair of:

  • Engine’s electronic controllers
  • Regulation controllers
  • Control switches
  • Electronic mode controllers
  • Selection controllers
  • Voltage and current direction controllers
  • Loaded electronic controllers


Engines’ electronic controllers’ repair:

  • Programmed engines controllers’ repair
  • Engines’ sensor controllers’ repair
  • Push and press controllers’ and controllers’ lighting repair
  • Electronic engines’ controllers’ components’ repair
  • Linear controllers’ repair
  • Electronic engines voltage malfunctions repair
  • Electronic starter controllers’ repair


Command systems' controllers' repair

Command systems’ controllers’ repair, real-time controllers’ repair, as well as command systems control and management controllers.

Array system control repair, command controllers’ signals, delay controllers, commands’ sequence processing controllers, handling any malfunction in command systems 


Command systems controllers repair services:

  • Inner timing command controllers
  • Analogue – digital signal conversion command controllers
  • Logic entrance controllers repair
  • Repair of command controllers for any energetic system.


Detecting malfunctions in command systems, from full functional systems, to single controllers, detecting computing systems’ components’ malfunctions, processing and memory units.

Controllers’ repair: both in simple computer command systems, and in super-chip systems and microcontrollers, repairing and completing all required processes, inputs / outputs processes and I/O controllers.

Repair of command systems controllers in any product or electronic-electrical element, single integrated circuits, microprocessors.

NTI – electronic controllers' repair services, complying with international standards, licenses and classifications for all governmental, medical, military and civilian electronic industries, in Israel and worldwide.

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