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Hardware, software development & manufacturing company

Personally customized computer solutions and electronics lab

NTI – electronics lab that provides a one stop shop for all exciting needs and requirements in today’s electronics fields: planning, engineering, manufacturing and electronics repairs. Our company was developed and established from a network of labs that specialize in electronics engineering and repairing, what enabled NTI to set high standards and many solutions in various fields.

A boutique electronics repairs lab

NTI supports and promotes a professional team of engineers and technicians that are experienced with all electronics fields as well as with the latest innovations in this field. A team that is derived from the will to provide kind and professional service for all our clients.

NTI has shown, time after time, that it can successfully face any challenge while complying with any executing requirement and handling all required tasks for all industries in today’s market.


An electronics lab with dynamic services

NTI’s electronics lab offers advanced services with a working environment which is constantly being updated and refreshed.

Our company has data bases as well as huge inventories that emphasizes the fact, that we have gained experience of over a decade, in which the company has focused on manufacturing, planning and integrations solutions for different kinds of electronics in this industry in Israel and worldwide.

NTI – guaranteed service

If you are private entrepreneurs, start-up companies, high tech managers or industrial factory, NTI’s electronics lab is a one stop shop for many clients in Israel and world wide and considered as a pioneer that involves in many products manufacturing, products on international electronics markets, while complying with standards and being strict on quality, that provides profitable products for many satisfied clients.

10 most important advantages of NTI electronics lab

NTI’s goal is to stay at the top notch of the electronics field and providing kind, advanced and professional service for institutes, industrial clients, high-tech companies and developing companies in Israel and worldwide. 

NTI puts many efforts in providing professional, fast and very advanced services, such as:

Planning and manufacturing of printed circuits

Repairing all kinds of devices

Quality control and inspections, as well as consulting and advising projects

Planning and manufacturing of printed circuits

Managing and providing manufacturing workers with IPC standards.

Maintaining and repairing industrial electronics

Electronics systems' integration solutions

Upgrading systems - adjustments and conversion to innovative technology

All kind of soldering: TH, SMT, BGA

Procurement services and supplying of components from abroad

NTI – a boutique company for the entire Israeli electronics market

Whom and how we help


We help to optimize development costs and avoid many mistakes. We bring the prototype to serial production.

Public sector

We carry out development work on time. We prepare documentation for standards. We replace imports and develop an analogue based on domestic components. We set up production in Russia and provide 100% quality control of the shipped products.

Service companies

We help with digitalization. We develop, manufacture, test and support the implementation of new devices with unique functionality at your facility.

System integrators

We select the right technology for a non-standard task. We design and manufacture electronics for Industry 4.0. We provide support throughout the entire life cycle of the project.

Trading companies

We organize and control the production of devices under your brand.

Manufacturing companies

We select the most technologically advanced contractor, reduce the cost and the percentage of scrap. We organize automated control of the finished product output.

IT companies

We advise on "hardware" and the intricacies of integration with it. We provide an experienced team to solve specific engineering problems.


We are modernizing outdated equipment. We develop and manufacture unique electronics for scientific purposes.



Multidisciplinary experience for all existing electronics services.


Optimal electronics processes that guarantee our clients, commercial advantages.


Clients are fully involved, in order to achieve full transparency with clients.


High quality equipment that complies with relevant standards, for the most quality products and services.

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